Tuesday, August 22, 2017

6 Easy Steps to Install Heavy-Duty Guard Rail That Will Protect Your Employees and Equipmment

If you could install heavy duty guard rail in your plant or warehouse in order to protect employees and equipment..... would you do it?
Of course you would.  Believe it or not it is very simple to do.  Below I will go through the steps on how to install heavy duty guard rail.  As always if you have questions on how to purchase guard rail or layout the guard rail system just give me a call or email..... phil@pstrouth.com or visit our website at http://www.pstrouth.com/Heavy-duty-protective-steel-guard-rail-systems.html  for more information.
Step 1:  Clean the Floor in the area you plan to install the guard rail by sweeping and or wet mop the concrete floor.  You want a minimum of 6" concrete slab to anchor into.
Step 2:  Layout the posts and rails on the floor in the desired area of the installation to make sure the guard rail will fit around the machinery or aisles to protect.
Step 3:  Measure the distance away from the equipment or aisle area to protect to make sure there is clearance for operator entrance or exit if desired and allow clearance for the foot plates of the posts.
Step 4:  Chalk you a line to keep the guard rail installation straight and in line with your layout.  The posts can easily get out of alignment if you do not have a straight guide to go by.
Step 5:  Stand posts in the correct location and bolt or drop in rails between two posts.  Locate the posts on your chalk line and proceed with the next rail and post as you continue with the layout making sure everything is in the place you want it.

Step 6:  Once you have all the posts and rails in the desire location then anchor the posts to the concrete with the provided anchors.  Most of the heavy duty guard rail systems come with either 5/8" x 4.25" or 3/4" x 4.25" long wedge style or screw style concrete anchors supplied with the posts.  Once all the posts are anchored (usually that is 4 anchors per post footplate) then you are done.

Installing heavy duty guard rail in your plant or warehouse to protect your employees, visitors, machinery, and equipment from accidents involving forklifts, sweepers, or other moving equipment.  This installation helps prevent damage to machines or offices by providing a secure barrier along aisles or around racking systems or equipment.  Small commitment up front to install the guard rail can help prevent major damage or injury in the future!
Safety First!! P Strouth