Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Using Wide Span Racking for Case Goods Storage

Wide Span Racking System
We recently purchased a large amount of used pallet rack at a local customer in High Point, NC.  They had to move all of the rack out of their warehouse to make room for a new tenant.  Mid Middleton and I went to survey the rack and made an offer to purchase the rack and was approved.  Then we set up the take down with our partner LaRoque Installations.  They promptly took the rack down and palletized and banded the rack.  Then P Strouth hauled the used rack to the CMH main warehouse and the CMH offsite warehouse.
The teardrop style pallet rack sold quickly.  We also purchased a decent amount of wide span racking.  Wide span racking is constructed very much like pallet rack but is lighter duty.  In this instance we purchased some Frick Gallagher racking.  They are no longer making the wide span but it is still in very good condition.  This wide span has 8' high x 48" deep uprights.  The beams are 8' long.  We have 1" x 1" angle that sets in the steps of the beams.  These beams probably carry about 2,500# capacity per pair with a uniformly distributed load.  The beams are a 3" face.  Our customer purchased their own 1/2" thick osb board as the decking material.  A standard 4' x 8' sheet fits perfectly on the beams and in between the uprights.  For this customer we installed some sections with 4 shelf levels and other sections with two or three shelf levels depending on their product being stored.
This project was shipped and installed by our guys in a matter of 2 hours.  A total of 12 sections to increase their storage capacity.
You can follow me on google plus to see if we have more used rack available from time to time.  As always we stock Interlake Pallet Rack in Greensboro.
Or on my website at www.pstrouth.com

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