Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wire Mesh Partition Security Cage Used to Secure Records Storage on Shelving and Pallet Rack

Our customer needed an area in the warehouse to secure their records storage.  We took down and reconfigured a small wire mesh partition security cage and made it bigger with new wire partition panels so it would include pallet rack and shelving used to store their sensitive records.
My customer from the Jamestown / High Point, NC area called and asked if I could come in and look at their existing record storage area and give them ideas on how to secure this area.  We decided to make the records storage room larger and take down and move the two sections of pallet rack with wire decking.  We moved all the boxes for them so we could move all the shelving and pallet rack into position to create more storage space for their increasing number of records boxes.  Once we decided where the rack and shelving would be moved, we designed and did a layout of the new wire mesh partitions needed to create the secure records storage area.
We move a few existing wire mesh panels and added new 5' wide wire panels to create a 2 sided wire mesh security cage.  We have a 4' wide x 7' high swing door with cylinder keyed lock to allow access to only approved employees.
Our install crew arrived on the job site and moved all the boxes, relocated the pallet rack and shelving, took down some existing wire mesh panels, and installed the wire mesh partition security cage to make a 9' x 15' long security cage.  From concept to installation it only took a matter of a couple of weeks to complete.
We can design any type of wire mesh security cage for many different types of applications.  In this case it was to protect company records from being exposed to the open warehouse.
Call Phil Strouth representing Carolina Material Handling in Greensboro, NC for help with these types of applications.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WireCrafters Wire Mesh Partition Security Cage Installed to Secure Maintenance Equipment

Sometimes you run out of room in a production area or warehouse and you need safe and secure storage for important equipment or material.  Installing a wire mesh partition security cage is a great way of partitioning off an area for many different reasons.
This particular wire partition cage was installed to house some of the parts used in the production machinery.  These parts are expensive and need to be in a controlled and secure area so only certain mechanics or maintenance employees can have access to these parts.  The wire mesh security cage we installed is 32' long x 22' wide x 8' - 5.25" high and has one 6' wide x 8' high sliding gate with a keyed cylinder lock.  This allows the maintenance crew to bring in and take out larger pieces of equipment with a pallet jack or forklift.  The cage also has a 3' wide swing door with keyed cylinder lock for personnel traffic.  The material and installation for a maintenance cage like this can be designed, shipped, and installed within one week.  The WireCrafters wire mesh partitions and posts ship out of Louisville, KY in 48 hours as long as it is standard size material.  The installation is fast and easy with the coded panels and a good install crew.
This cage can be taken down and moved if needed.  All the parts are modular.  The wire partition systems are free standing and the posts have foot plates that are anchored to the concrete to create a secure structure.  This material can be used to build many different types of partitions such as:  storage enclosures, security cages, machine guarding, divide sections of a plant or warehouse, tool cribs, and many other applications.
I like to design and install these cages for customers because they are quick, easy, and an inexpensive way to create a new space.  Look forward to adding more blog posts regarding wire mesh partition security cages in the future.
YouTube Video on the Wire mesh partition security cage

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