Thursday, November 8, 2018

Installed Wire Partition System for Oil and Chemical Room

Customer has an oil and chemical room where they store hydraulic fluids, oils, and chemicals for their machinery and manufacturing process.
This room has sensitive material and only certified employees are allowed access.
Therefore we were charged to put up a Wirecrafters wire partition system to keep the area secure.
They only needed a single wall to separate the area.  The distance was 36’ wall to wall.
The standard 8’ – 5 ¼” high 840 wire partition specs met the application.
We installed a 3’ wide swing door with cylinder lock on the outside and a push bar on the inside.
Also we installed a 10’ wide sliding gate to allow for forklift access to bring in pallets of product.
One unique option is we added 4” square foot plates on the posts to help keep the single wall system more sturdy.
We also braced the end to the wall to keep the system more rigid.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Pallet rack end protection for seismic foot plates

Check out our new design for rack end protection kit for uprights with seismic foot plates. Our new seismic post protector mounts over a 5" x 8" wide foot plates and around the upright column. We have 3 bolt holes mounting positions for the end rail and can even do 2 rails for even more added strength and protection. Our most common is 12" high post protectors and 42" or 48" end rails.

Our new design allows us to install rack end protection kits around pallet rack uprights with seismic foot plates. Typically a seismic footplate is 5 in by 8 in wide. Our new design on our seismic foot plate column protector allows for the Post protector to mount over the upright foot plate. Our most common protector is 12 in high. we can use our standard 42 inch or 48 inch long end rail to complete the rack end protection kit creating a very strong and durable end of aisle or tunnel aisle protection for pallet racking with a seismic footplate.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

VRC Freightlift Installation

VRC Freight Lifts are a great way to move material and equipment from one floor level to another.  This video shows the lift installation and how it works.