Monday, October 13, 2014

Why Install a Mechanical Edge of Dock to an Existing Warehouse Dock?

Simple....Installing a mechanical edge of dock to an existing warehouse dock saves time loading and unloading trucks.  It also is much safer than a dock plate or a dock board and is less costly than a pit mount dock leveler.
An edge of dock can be installed to most any existing concrete dock.  Typically the corner of the existing dock will have a 3" x 3" angle embedded in the concrete.  The edge of dock can be mounted and welded to this fixed piece of angle and also anchored into the face of the dock.  If there is no existing steel angle then we can provide an approach plate to anchor into the floor to provide a base to install the edge of dock.
Most of the edge of docks we install now have the EZ Pull handle that slides up and down in a saddle that allows the operator to pick the handle up from the stored position and then pull the handle back and down towards you.  Once the plate locks back into position the operator will push the bar up and forward to extend the lip onto the bed of the truck.  A torsion spring helps the operator with these tasks to provide smooth and simple performance  Then the handle can be stored back into storage position.
Now the edge of dock is ready to be used to load or unload the truck.  Most edge of dock levelers will accommodate a maximum of 5" above and 5" below the dock providing approximately 18.5% upward grade and 20% downward grade.  This is acceptable for most gas or propane forklifts but is not suitable for most pallet jacks or many electric trucks at the extreme upward or downward grades. They usually operate best with a 3" above or 3" below maximum.
Edge of docks are available in several capacities.  20,000 lbs. is the most common but 25,000 and 30,000 lbs. capacities are also available.  66" wide plate x 88" overall width, 72" wide plate x 96" overall width, 78" wide plate x 102" overall width, and 84" wide plate x 114" overall width are available.  66" wide dock plate and 72" wide dock plates are the most common sizes for the edge of docks.  Mechanical and electric hydraulic edge of docks are both available.  The electric hydraulic edge of dock allows the operator to just push a button to engage the plate in and out of the truck.
Some of the most popular edge of docks we install are Bluff Manufacturing, Pioneer Dock Equipment, Vestil Manufacturing, and Blue Giant to name a few.
The edge of docks come complete with handle and dock bumpers all in one piece.  Most of our edge of dock levelers have a 2 year warranty on structural members.  Typical price for the mechanical edge of dock leveler with delivery and installation costs about $2,100.00 in the North Carolina area.
Check out the video on the edge of dock.
Edge of Dock allows
quick and easy truck loading