Monday, November 2, 2015

Carton Flow Systems are Great When Installed in a Pallet Rack System

Carton flow systems are great when they are installed in a standard pallet rack system.  We install the 3D storage carton flow lanes in the 12' wide x 8' deep pallet rack system.  Our customer uses the bottom three levels to store boxes and parts and can be easily picked from the lower levels.
These carton flow systems can be designed around your distribution center or your specific picking applications.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


See how we layout and install a pallet rack system for a distribution center.  We use teardrop style pallet rack with wire decking.  Row spacers and wall spacers help keep the back to back rows in line and allow pallet overhang.  Using post protectors helps protect the uprights from forklift damage and end of aisle protection helps eliminate forklift damage on the end of the rows.  We also use the end of aisle protection on the tunnel aisles where there is heavy forklift traffic.  This system is 20' high x 42" deep uprights with 12' long beams that hold over 7,000# capacity per shelf level.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Being in the state of North Carolina we have many customers who produce, service, and transport the finest furniture in the world.  Many of our customers need the best hand trucks on the market to get this valuable furniture to their customers.  P Strouth LLC and Carolina Material Handling has the solution for safe and effective hand trucks needed for furniture delivery.  Whether you are moving furniture around your warehouse or production floor or loading and unloading furniture on your loading dock or unloading furniture to your customer's house, we have the furniture hand truck for you.
We can build a Magline or B&P aluminum hand truck to your specs with many handle options and many nose plate options.  We also offer the best wheels for your application.  Our solid foam 10" wheels are our most popular because the ride just like a pneumatic wheel but will not go flat.  Our wheels also have precision ball bearings that last for years.  Most of our aluminum hand trucks are 500# capacity and have interchangeable and replaceable parts.
We can install e-track clips to the frame of the hand trucks so you can use a ratchet strap or cam buckle strap on the hand truck and secure your load to the hand truck, making for a safe and effective delivery of your valuable furniture!