Sunday, December 3, 2017

Why use Rack End Protection Kit?

The most economical and easiest way to protect your pallet rack investment is to install Rack End Protection Kits at the end of your pallet rack rows.  Forklift aisles are the most likely areas where pallet rack upright damage occurs because the forklifts travel these areas the most and hit and damage the uprights to create an unsafe situation for your warehouse.  Install post protectors in front of the upright columns and you have an initial guard that the forklift will hit first instead of the pallet rack frame.  This helps keep the upright from being damaged and lets the forklift driver know to stop.  Also at the end of a row or in tunnel aisles you want to protect these areas even more.  With our rack end protection kit you can easily install two post protectors that protect the upright frame and then our rub rail guard rail that protects the exposed horizontal and diagonal bracing on the uprights.  See how we do it at

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