Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How to Create a Modular Office Space in a Production Area

What to do when you have run out of office space and need to use an area on the production floor or in the warehouse?  Simple..... install a Starrco Modular Office System.  In this case, our customer in Whitsett, North Carolina wanted to have a controlled environment for a new quality control room.
The existing concrete block walled office area was not ideal for having a quality control room so we used an open space in the production area to install the modular building system.
This modular office system is a 3 wall system because we were able to use the existing concrete block wall as the fourth wall to save money and space.  The building is 12' x 20' x 12' x 8' high.  This office has 6 windows and one 3' wide swing door and there is provision for six 120 volt duplex receptacles and two combination phone / computer jack outlets.  We did not include a roof deck and drop ceiling on this system because the open top allows for the natural light and production floor light to filter in and also allows the overhead sprinkler system to work for this space as well.
The walls are constructed from 1/2" thick gypsum x 2" poly core x 1/2" thick gypsum vinyl covered walls for a total of 3" thick.  These walls have a Class A fire rating and also help with noise control from the production area.
This type of modular construction is fast easy and inexpensive to implement into your facility.  This modular office system was designed, shipped and installed in a matter of about 3 weeks.  The maintenance department handled the installation of this building in a matter of 4 hours one afternoon. Very easy way to create modular office space in a production area.
I can help you with this product and many others at www.pstrouth.com and www.heavy-dutycaster.com and www.cmh-inc.com
Starrco can be found at www.starrco.com
We can do double deck office systems, clean room offices, conference rooms and any other applications you may need.
Typical Office Specs
1. Floor Track      2. Corner Post      3. Wall Panel      4. Lower Window      5. Window      6. Upper Window Panel       7. Wall Stud      8. Steel Door Frame       9. Ceiling Track      10. Door      11. Header Stud      12. Header      13. Grid Ceiling      14. Dust Cover

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